Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless this blog

In the pulp fiction at the turn of the century I discovered that there was a villain called Doctor Nikola. I hope in this century that I (Father Nikola) make a more positive impact on the Church and the world (I am a doctor of theology…).

It’s only fitting that I make my first post on the website on May 1st. Not only is it the memorial of St. Joseph the Worker, to whom I entrusted the blog while it was still under development on my PC (see my post on March 19th), but also the first day of the Marian month of Mary. I look forward to sharing my experiences in Rome as a Catholic priest and simply as a Catholic priest, as I did for ten years with my family and friends by e-mail. I am also starting a daily reflection on the liturgy of the day: Today’s Liturgy.

May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph watch over this blog and all its readers (since it’s May 1st, St. Joseph gets to hold the baby; Mary’s going to get the rest of the month). Count on my prayers for you all and I hope my experiences of Roman Catholic life help you in your journey toward Christ as well.

St JosephBVM

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